Outfit Post: 9/16/13


Tee: Threadless — Skirt: Goodwill (H&M) — Shoes: eBay (Keds) — Necklace: DIY — Bracelet: Gift — Earrings: Etsy


I got this chevron-printed shirt at the same time that I got my new bee tank top because I need (“need”) more easy, slightly-dressy tees that are work-appropriate, and this one seemed to fit the bill.


For its inaugural outing, I decided to stack geometric patterns, just to confuse people. Like dazzle camouflage! (Not actually anything at all like dazzle camouflage.)


Normally it would probably bug me to wear this daffodil-yellow necklace with the gold-yellow of the skirt, but I think the shoes helped tie everything together.


Who’d’ve thought parrot shoes would be so versatile?


It was an easy bit of pattern-mixing, anyway, and since “easy” was the whole point, I’m going to declare myself the winner.


I’ll be able to pick up my new washer/dryer set and lifetime supply of toothpicks on the way out. Better luck next time, everybody else!


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