Outfit Post: 9/18/13


Dress: Solano Stroll — Vest: Goodwill (Ben Sherman) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Ring: Target — Earrings: Apostrophie


This is the dress that I bought at this year’s Solano Stroll! Pretty, ain’t it?


It’s slightly unusual in that it’s a wrap dress that wraps in the back rather than in the front, which creates a slightly-inappropriate-for-work back-V that I covered up with my handy vest.


Seafoam isn’t usually a color that I’m panting to have in my wardrobe, but it looked so good with the orange that I went for it anyway. I’ll have to get a better picture of the pattern next time–it’s really cool.


I’ll have to get creative with layering if I want to keep wearing this dress to work, but that’s a burden I’m willing to bear.


One thought on “Outfit Post: 9/18/13

  1. jessie says:

    That dress is indeed incredibly pretty. The colour combination is wonderful and the print is rather fascinating. It somehow makes me think of dragons even though I can see it doesn’t actually contain dragons, which is super-cool. Also, I am hoping that one of your work-appropriate combinations involves hot pink, I think that would go very well.

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