Loads of Links 9/24/13

These folks have had some really smart things to say lately:

+ Last week Jia Tolentino at The Hairpin intervewed Dr. Susan Robinson, “one of four American doctors left who openly include third-trimester abortion in their practice.” The result shows, to me, the incredible caring and sensitivity with which Dr. Robinson approaches this work.

+ Laura at Ruby Bastille attended PAX, and has some thoughtful words on cons and inclusivity.

+ Nicole Cliffe at The Toast took some time out from her regular workout column to talk about what it means to change your body.

+ Aliette de Bodard has some pointers for white authors writing POC in SFF.

+ Boggle the Owl reminds us to be gentle with friends who are struggling. (TW: rape/pedophilia.)

+ Allie Shyer at Autostraddle talks about fatness and how it affects gender expression. This really struck me: “There is little precedent for fat androgyny. Generally our androgynous icons are svelte and lacking in secondary sex characteristics. David Bowie, Tilda Swinton, Katherine Hepburn; these small-bodied, predominately white figures of androgyny have created an aesthetic with little room for deviation.”

+ And since I haven’t shared much in the way of outfit inspiration lately, Cherell has some MAJOR double-tie action going on over here.


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