Outfit Post: 9/30/13


Top: Leah’s free pile — Skirt: Goodwill [redyed by me] — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Ring and earrings: Nervous System


So, I know I already did a Rainbow Rowell book for Gracey’s Literary Stylings challenge once before, but just bear with me and go read the synopsis for Fangirl over at Indiebound. Now come back and start dancing around with me in excitement.

Okay, okay, maaaaybe the idea of a socially anxious fanfiction writer going off to college isn’t your idea of a dream novel, but Fangirl did it for me on so many levels. I was never a superstar-level fic author or anything, but a lot of Cath’s experiences rang true for me–especially her discomfort at new situations. Confession: I had a not-so-great brain day yesterday while wearing this outfit, and I basically recreated Cath’s first few weeks at college by sitting in my office during lunchtime and eating peanut butter with a spoon because the thought of going to buy lunch was just too overwhelming.


Anyway, this isn’t about me, this is about how much I love-love-love Rainbow’s writing. She’s always surprising me by taking the story to places that I don’t expect, but once the story is there it feels so right. Also, in particular with Fangirl, I had a soft spot for Cath’s dad, who struggles with bipolar disorder; I thought the writing treated him with a lot of respect and sensitivity, and as someone who has multiple family members with mental illness (and who has recently started taking brain pills herself, cough), it really hit home.


I could go on (and on, and on), but suffice to say that I really, really liked Fangirl a lot, and I think you might like it too. Since it’s still too warm in California to properly recreate Cath’s “tarred and sweatered” look, I took my outfit inspiration from the cover of the book–you know, all greeny and red-y and stuff. I also threw in my Nervous System earrings and ring because they made me think of Simon Snow and Baz. (I may be mostly out of the Harry Potter fandom by now, but I know a good ship when I see one.)

As a side-note, Tumblr has been hosting its first reblog book club, and the subject is–you guessed it–Fangirl. I’ve been super-enjoying seeing other folks’ reviews, fanart, and other contributions, and Rainbow has been chiming in with comments and answers to people’s questions as well, so go check it out if you’re interested! All the fangirling about Fangirl is pretty meta and I love it.


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 9/30/13

  1. I LOVED Fangirl! Cath is such a realistic character and I loved the romance as well, it was just the right amount and was slow, but not boring. I’ve never written/read fan fic, but I loved that aspect of it too. Kinda made me wish there were actually Simon Snow books.

    Thanks for the Tumblr link Mia 😀

  2. I’ve heard good things about Fangirls. It’s not my kind of book at all, but I might be tempted to check it out after this. That skirt is to die for!

  3. Head over heels in love with your skirt.

    That sounds like a really good read to me. As someone going on a year of “brain-pills” I can say I’m happy to have them.

    I don’t think any Potterhead will truly leave the HP fandom, but you’ll find us spread out in new places. Personally I split my time between Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes thanks to both reboots. However I’m always thrilled to see potter stuff on my dashboard.

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