Loads of Links 10/14/13


image via Colleen Clark

Massage therapist Dale Favier knows what people look like naked.

This article by Sami Schalk about ableist metaphors in feminist writing is an intense but valuable read.

You may have already read about Sissy Goodwin in Wyoming, but I still think the story’s worth sharing.

Colleen Clark made an excellent comic about the complexities of breast-having.

I like to think of Goodwill Industries as one of the better nonprofits with retail thrift stores, so I was disappointed to hear about the firing of a Goodwill employee who was giving people discounts.

Refashionista did a pretty dang cute refashion of old scrubs!

“Women emit light. They’re not afraid of the dark. And they’re not afraid of you.”

It gets better! …unless you’re fat.

If you want to get in a Halloweeny mood, you could do way worse than magnacarterholygrail’s playlist YOU SHOULD BE SCARED: halloween, horror, and just unsettling songs by people of color.” 


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