Ada Lovelace Day – Lynn Conway

I know, I know, stores have been decorated for it for months now, but Ada Lovelace Day is finally upon us once more! In honor of Tia, who is busy being a computer scientist but who is still presumably wearing clothes sometimes, and in honor of STEM women everywhere, celebrate a woman scientist today! This year I have chosen to profile Lynn Conway:

Lynn 17m

image via University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Here’s the scoop on Lynn Conway:

– She’s a trans woman, computer scientist, electrical engineer, inventor, systems architect, research manager, and engineering educator. You know, just to start with.

– She’s a pioneer whose innovations in the 60’s and 70’s with IBM and Xerox have impacted chip design worldwide.

– After she was fired from IBM for her status as a trans woman, she rebuilt her career and achieved international fame for her VLSI advancements, like a stone-cold badass.

– After being involuntarily outed as trans in the late 90’s, she stepped up and became a trans activist, and talks openly about her experiences and the stigma that affected her career.

– In 2013 she was invited by President Obama to the White House LGBT Pride Month Reception! Way to be visible, Lynn!

If you’d like to read more about Lynn, check out her homepage, which is chock-full of information (in very tiny font!). I also encourage you to check out this year’s ALD map to see more stories about STEM women and the rad things they do.


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