Outfit Post: 10/14/13


Button-front: Leah’s free pile — Pants: Goodwill — Flats: eBay (Eleanor Grosch Keds) — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Ring: Target


I’m giving this necklace another try!


…this necklace, which you can’t really see in these pictures. Whoops.


Ah, here we go! Based on Erin’s advice, I painted the backs of the beads with clear nail polish so the color wouldn’t bleed anymore, and wearing it with a collared shirt means the clasp can’t pinch the back of my neck.


Goes to show that sometimes a second chance is worth it! I mean, a lot of times it’s not–it’s really, really not–but, you know, sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/14/13

  1. I often find that even when someone/something isn’t worth a second chance, I feel better that I tried again anyway! Love the necklace, it looks awesome with the shirt 😀

  2. It’s a really really cute necklace! My mil let me borrow a similar colored one that bleed onto skin. I wound up giving it back to her. Glad you found at least some sort of solution for yours.

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