Outfit Post: 10/22/13


Top, pants, scarf, and bracelets: Thrifted — Oxfords: Payless — Earrings: Etsy


Pants and I have such a complicated relationship. I enjoy wearing pants quite a bit, but as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum before, finding pairs that will fit my hips and waist is something of a challenge.


That’s probably why I’ve held onto this brown pinstriped pair for so long–they’re not particularly envelope-pushing in terms of style, but DANG they’re comfortable.


And at least I can jazz things up a little bit with a headscarf!


I’ve had to jettison a few pairs of work-appropriate pants recently–my body has changed and they don’t fit so well anymore–so I’m vaguely in the market for some new ones. What are your go-to pants, if any? Or do you eschew them entirely?


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/22/13

  1. I’m trying to get back into pants because I’ve realized my issue with personal style right now is a fall/winter thing–I really love dressing for spring and summer, but fall/winter, plus working in a professional (though casual) office space as of late makes things a little trickier for me. We can wear jeans, so I have gotten into Urban Outfitters high-rise skinny jeans, but they aren’t honestly that comfortable… I find pants in general really uncomfortable. My favorite pair are a paisley-printed pair I’m too bashful to wear to work – they are cord leggings–Pilcro Serif is the brand and style name and I got them at Anthropologie (on sale! happy dance!) Let me know if you find the holy grail of cute, comfy pants.

    PS I love that outfit and that it is almost all thrifted. You have such good thriftstore finds!!

  2. I think pants look great on you! For me, I go thrifting and try on hundreds of pairs until I find the right fit. I really prefer to wear pants, so I keep at it.

    I’m not really particular for any brand or size. I just try on until whatever fits.

  3. I find pajama style pants work best for those of us with small waists and big hips; the key is an elastic waistband that doesn’t look like old lady canasta pants. It can be a fine line, and the trick is in the fabric. Basically, pants that flow.

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