Costume Post: 10/31/13


I hope everybody who celebrated Halloween last night had a fun and safe time! If not, I hope the vampire hunters are on their way.


You may remember from last year that my office likes to do group costumes for the workday–this year we chose to go as the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own.


Technically I’m supposed to be Dottie, Geena Davis’ character. (I wore catcher’s gear at work but had to return it to the Athletics department at the end of the day.) I mean, I don’t exactly have Geena Davis’ luxuriant hair, but I also don’t have any aptitude for team sports and I’m not married to handsome-but-boring war hero Bill Pullman either. It was a fun costume and I had to do basically zero percent of the costume-assembly work, so I’m not complaining.


How was your Halloween, if you observed it? (Say hello to my one and only holiday-appropriate decoration. I should probably take her down after work so the neighbors don’t start to wonder.)


One thought on “Costume Post: 10/31/13

  1. Giggle! Glad you had a fun Halloween. Besides, what’s the point if you don’t get to at least pretend to be someone or something else for the night!

    My Halloween was lovely, if a little boring. I dressed up as a cat and ate too much candy.

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