Outfit Post: 11/5/13


Dress and belt: Thrifted — Sandals: Dansko — Knee-highs: Sock Dreams (Heather Socklings in Plum) — Earrings: Target — Bracelet: DIY


I know I’ve praised EG Smith’s Bobby Socklings before, but this was my first time wearing the full-length Socklings, and they’re also awesome.


They’re wonderful knee-highs for a bigger calf, because the upper band is wide and soft and stretchy. They’re so comfortable and don’t cut into my leg like most regular knee-highs do. My calves are roughly 16.5″ and the socks definitely feel like they could stretch further, although I can’t precisely say what the outlying measurements would be. I didn’t even use sock glue with them–I had to pull them up a little bit occasionally, but they never once fell all the way down, even when I was riding my bike.


I’m just, you know, having a lot of sock-based feelings right now.


Having earring-based feelings too, but that’s pretty typical. You know me, always creating emotional connections with inanimate objects.


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