Outfit Post: 11/6/13


Top and heels: Swapped — Skirt: Thrifted — Tights and earrings: Target — Ring: Old


I’m bushed, y’all.


It’s been one of those longshort weeks–maybe you know what I mean–and I’m in the mood to disappear into a pile of blankets with some hot chocolate and not come out for a couple of months.


But! I can and must keep going, and you can too, I’m sure.


We can do it! We’re powerful and strong and also tender and kind! More generalized cheerleading to help us get through the next few hours!


Got any energizing, uplifting, that’s-the-spirit advice for the weary among us?


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 11/6/13

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  2. Oh hello bright purple top! The color really pops with this floral skirt and you are totally reminding me of an autumn garden party… do those exist? Maybe we should make them up. We can sit around drinking tea and admiring the yellow and red leaves.

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