Outfit Post: 11/7/13


Tee, cardigan, necklace, and slacks: Thrifted — Sandals: 6pm.com (Dansk0) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Bobby Socklings in Moss)


I almost ditched these pictures before deciding to go ahead and post them on the blog.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them, per se–I just think it’s a slightly uninspired outfit, and none of the photos blew me away either. (I’ll cop to posting boring outfit pics if my face looks cute. I’m only human.)


But here we are, looking at them! And far be it from me to disparage an outfit on myself that I’d compliment if another person were wearing it.

If you’ve got a personal style blog and take pictures most days, how do you decide which pictures stay and which ones go?


6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 11/7/13

  1. Kate B says:

    You know, when I saw this outfit, my very first thought was “What a striking color combo!” . Seriously, right off the bat. I wouldn’t say uninspired at all; it’s definitely inspiring me to mix yellow, purple, and leaf green!

  2. I like it. The complex color-mixing, combined with the nice look of the necklace, make this outfit blog-worthy.

    In answer to your question, it takes a great deal of effort for me to create outfit-photos so I post ’em all. Of course, some are bad but I learn from those mistakes. For me, posting pictures — and getting valuable feedback — is a way to discover what works, what doesn’t, and actively learn how to improve my presentation.

    And thanks for the comments! I enjoy hearing from you.

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