Loads of Links: 11/28/13


image via Pam Wishbow at Style Journal Tumblr Blog

Litographs offers shirts, posters, and other merchandise printed with the entire text of a book on them; I’m pretty partial to their The Last Unicorn shirt myself.

Ragini writes about fatshion and the proliferation of pinup style.

Stephanie at Chocolate Laced has been killing it with her recent 30-for-30 styles–days 5/6 and 13 are especially great and give me some awesome fall-color remix ideas.

Beyond Buckskin is encouraging us to buy Native for the 2013 holidays–check out their list of Native businesses worth supporting, as well as the Beyond Buckskin boutique, which features this incredibly gorgeous scarf that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

You may have seen the recent hubbub about Plan B’s ineffectiveness over a certain weight limit. The Dirty Normal breaks down the details and research and what they really mean.

The Style Journal Tumblr Blog is charming, delightful, and features a fair amount of cats and farting. What more could you want?

There is nothing about this recipe for chai-spiced persimmon scones that doesn’t sound amazing. (Also, she’s right about Hachiyas. Eat them at the wrong time and your mouth will turn inside-out. Don’t fuck with Hachiyas.)

Liz at The Fluffy Bones talks about her strategies for self-care on bad body image days.

On a similar note, a little drawing meme involving “items of power” has been going around Tumblr, and I’m really liking some of the posts. (That last one was drawn by one of my college roommates! Hi, Zoe!) What are your items of power? Right now, mine are my new pyramid stud earrings, my spice grinder, and the smell of peeled clementines.

Happy Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah, all!


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