Outfit Post: 12/19/13


Top: Vintage, my mom’s — Skirt: Blacklist Vintage — Shoes: Payless — Tights: Target — Socks: Sock Dreams — Earrings: Gift


Here’s something new, mis amigos: I’m writing this post on my phone!


Turns out a frayed charger cable isn’t so good at keeping a laptop alive, so I’ll be computer-free until I can get back to CA and replace it. You wouldn’t believe how many typos I’m making right now. Thanks, spellcheck!


What, I should actually say something about my outfit? Pssht. This is definitely an example of non-figure-flattery that I really like. Loose and flowy but still warm enough for a California winter. It’s a little unconventional for the office, but I think they’ve gotten used to me by now. If they haven’t, I really don’t know what to tell ’em.

Merry Catmas

Merry Catmas from Flat Tire, to all of you who observe it!


May you get a lot of rest and relaxation…


…eat all your favorite foods…


…and spend time with the people you love (even if, like Flat Tire, there are only two people you can stand in the entire world). Happy holidays to mew and mew and mew.

Outfit Post: 12/17/13


Shirt and tights: Target — Vest, skirt, and flats: Thrifted — Necklace: World Market — Earrings: Hand-me-down


Happy Christmas Eve Day to all who observe such things! (Not to be confused with Christmas Day Eve. Or that most revered of holidays that occurs every quarter-century, The Christmas Day of No Eve, when the Great Ones arise and demand tribute, otherwise they’ll take away our rum balls and eggnog.)


Show of hands, who’s actually internetting today? I’ve spent most of my holiday break so far reading, including The Indispensable Calvin & Hobbes and Rebecca. You know, the usual.


I’m wearing 100% less plaid and scarabs today than I was a week ago, but that’s okay. You’ll see lots of plaid and scarabs from me in 2014.

Outfit Post: 12/16/13


Cardigan and tights: Target — Camisole: Thrifted — Skirt: Leah’s free pile — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium — Earrings: Etsy


Hey, everybody! I’m in Washington even as you read this (unless I’ve had to escape on a plane to the Galapagos in the last twenty minutes), but I’ve still got a little backlog of pictures from before the holiday break. If you close your eyes and wish real real hard, you might get to see some cruddy iPhone pictures from my visit up here, too!


Anyhow, this outfit is one I threw together when my original idea lacked structural integrity, and it’s not too bad, I think! I’m getting better at looking cute on the fly, which is a handy skill to cultivate for someone as perpetually tardy as I am.

Outfit Post: 12/15/13


Top: Thrifted — Shorts: Nordstrom Rack — Leggings: ASOS (Monki) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Meg Unconstricted Top Crew in Pink) — Shoes: eBay (Eleanor Grosch for Keds) — Earrings: World Market


I was feeling a little bit wonky over the weekend, so I decided to cheer myself up with a very busy outfit. It pretty much worked!


Well, going to the farmers’ market and getting a delicious green chicken tamale didn’t hurt, either.


Bright colors and patterns help remind me not to take myself so seriously and can be cheering on a depressed and anxious day. How about you?

Team Outfit Post: All the Colors


Look who is in town. And writing on the blog. It is me! And I am Tia. [Don’t be fooled by the posting info–Mia created the draft of this post for Tia to edit! Or maybe we’re secretly the same person. -Mia] And also I am still very much unbloggy in general. Curse you, inexplicably time consuming graduate program! As soon as I got to my parent’s house, practically, I got my hair cut and colored for the first time in forever, so you get to see that awesomeness up in this business.


Also, my totally sweet Goldie Blox sweatshirt, which I am grateful to note is literally all I need for being outside right now. California, your weather. It is wonderfuls.

Outfit Post: 12/14/13


Dress and jacket: Thrifted — Jeans: Trash & Vaudeville (Tripp NYC) — Oxfords: Payless — Necklace: Erica Weiner


Despite being about as edgy as a pair of safety scissors, I’ve been really drawn to a tough (or at least pseudo-tough) aesthetic lately. 


I want to be badass, what can I say? So I feel a little bit like a poser, but I’m still going to keep trying. Even if I’m not edgy, I can pretend!

Outfit Post: 12/13/13


Blouse: Gift from Gracey! — Blazer and tights: Target — Skirt: eBay (Anthro) — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye) 


If it hadn’t been so chilly Friday morning, I would have taken a picture without the blazer so you all could see the cute polka-dot blouse that Gracey sent me!


I’m really terrible, too, because she sent it to me a while ago and I haven’t worn it until now. It’s a nice midweight blouse that’s perfect for the six days a year we’ve got in-betweeny weather that isn’t too hot or too cold, but just you watch–I’ll find ways to work it into my winter wardrobe yet! Thanks for being a chum, Gracey-o.

Outfit Post: 12/12/13


Lace top, long-sleeved tee, and flats: Thrifted — Skirt: Gift — Lace tights: Sock Dreams (Codori Crochet Tights in “Burgundy”) — Solid tights: Macy’s — Earrings: Gift from Katie!


Decided to do a little layering practice last week! Not just layering, but layering lace. 


I’m trying to come up with a tongue-twister for that–Lacey layered laces while listening to Ace-of-Basey?–but I’ve got a ways to go.


How do you feel about lace? Or Ace of Base, for that matter?