Outfit Post: 11/30/13


Dress: eBay (Aryeh) — Tights: Target — Flats and jacket: Thrifted — Earrings: Angela Grace Jewelry


After talking about how quiet things were the other day, my weekend was (of course) jam-packed with excitement.


First on the list was a late Thanksgiving celebration at my uncle’s house on Saturday, during which my 17-year-old cousin called me “cool,” which may or may not be the highlight of my year.


Socializing in a large group of people isn’t my strong suit, but my relatives are a pretty amazing bunch of folks, so I’m glad I was able to go. Plus, my uncle made turkey and ham, so, y’know. FOOD.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 11/30/13

  1. I’m liking the lipgloss! Not fussy like a full face of makeup, but hip. (Young people still say hip, right?) I’m also a huge fan of your moto jacket! Thrift one in my size next, lady!

  2. Ooooh the print on that dress is superb, and I love those tights with it. The last photo of you is the best thing ever! I am too self conscious to ever pull cute, funny faces for the camera (intentionally)/

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