Outfit Post: 12/4/13


Button-front, vest, skirt, and heels: Thrifted — Tights: The Sock Shop — Ring: Gift — Earrings: Hand-me-down


Wearing this outfit without a slip between skirt and tights was a mistake; I looked fine standing still, but anytime I moved I looked like I was squirrel-smuggling, as Sally would say.


Ah, well. Live and learn! I’m in the market for a few slips with lacy bottoms, because slip length is difficult to match with skirt length sometimes, and if the slip’s gonna poke out, it might as well look intentional, right?


This is why I tend to prefer summer to winter–beyond the obvious I-hate-being-cold aspect, winter involves layering more articles of clothing, which means more opportunities for said articles of clothing to fight with each other (texture-wise, color-wise, length-wise). Summer may be broiling, but at least I can throw on a sundress and be good to go!


I shouldn’t really complain, though. Today was the first morning of icy windshields for me, while I know some of y’all have been getting snow since roughly Halloween. To those of you who go out in extreme weather every day, this California girl salutes you!


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 12/4/13

  1. That skirt! It’s super great. I finally gave in and bought a slip last year, so I can wear skirts with tights in winter, but I need to get a better variety of slips, I think. I have one and it only seems to work with a-line and pencil skirt styles. I have some full dresses and circle skirts, and that one slip helps a little bit while walking but not really, and especially not when sitting down. I can’t seem to find slips for circle skirts, so perhaps I’ll just have to make one.

  2. Another terrific pair of tights! While I don’t like the extra cold weather we’re having in Kansas (we will dip to 0° tonight!), I do like layering, wearing scarves, cozy sweaters and BOOTS! Summer isn’t as much fun for me, because more of my chubby self is exposed. But that’s something I’m working on…not my weight, but accepting my body the way it is.

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