This Just In: Mia’s Top Outfits of 2013

Lemme say something that you guys have probably heard a hundred times in the last week: what??? 2014 already??? My goodness, how the sands of time trickle through our fingers even as we desperately try to hold onto them so that we can build some sort of time sand castle where we’ll live as tiny immortal hermit crabs forever. 

…that metaphor got away from me there, but you get what I mean. 2013 was a mixed bag for me, but overall I’d call it positive. I didn’t do so well at sticking to most of my resolutions for the year, but I did start therapy (and brain pills) for my anxiety and depression, so good for me! My 2014 resolutions have been kind of nebulous and ever-changing so far, but I do have a few:

1. Be kinder to myself.

2. Ride my bike to work as often as possible.

3. Write letters to friends who have been waiting for them (sorry, Alex) and maintain the correspondence. 

4. No buying clothes or accessories for all of 2014 (exempting underthings and also exempting the two-week period in spring when I’ll be in Austria with my mom).

We’ll talk about some of these more later, but for now, gaze in fear and awe upon my top ten outfits for 2013–five chosen by the internet collective (aka my most-viewed outfit posts), and five chosen by me, because I do what I want.

The Internet’s Five:











Some observations: I explored my relationship with more overtly feminine-coded clothing (and even a little makeup) in 2013, and the internet was very receptive to it! You also like it when I dress up as bleu cheese.

Mia’s Five:











Some observations: I like pants. Also, I’m growing surprisingly fond of all-neutral outfits! Don’t let that fool you, though; there’ll be lots of color in the coming year, just you wait. 

How’s 2014 been for you so far?


4 thoughts on “This Just In: Mia’s Top Outfits of 2013

  1. No buying clothes or accessories??? Oh my…that would be the equivalent of not eating chocolate for me. I suppose it would be possible, but I would be very, very, very sad. Good luck with it!

  2. Ooh its fun to look over a year of posts (and 2012 as well, since we are new-ish blog buddies.) I can’t believe you’re going to go without buying clothes and accessories in 2014! Wish I could do that. I at least need to cull some of what I’ve got, but I’m too sentimental and attached. :/

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