Loads of Links 1/31/14


image via Carolita Johnson at Cosmopolitan

You may have heard about the new Japanese trend of calling plus-size women “marshmallow girls,” and a lot of folks across the internet seem to be embracing it.

Deanna Erin and meduusalammikko recently both posted info about how they do their brightly-colored eyebrow makeup, and they are SO AMAZING.

Do you know Carolita Johnson? Do you know how rad she is? Do you know that she did an illustrated essay about some of the outfits of her love life?

Next time you go into a clothing store and find that your size isn’t represented among the merchandise, think about leaving a Clothes Calling Card.

Flint Hills Hausfrau did a dryer balls tutorial! I’ve never tried them but they look like fun.

Shawna has some athletic wear recommendations for sizes 24+.

The Trans Clothes Swap is a new and pretty cool-looking resource for trans folks to exchange clothing and receive donations. (I’ve heard that its support tends to lean more toward trans men, but haven’t verified that.)

Pam Wishbow’s new comic about her body issues and depression is very emotional and beautiful, and I definitely recommend her work.

Have any of you tried Oyster Books, which is like Netflix but for reading? I’m intrigued but haven’t seen many reviews.

Rainbow Rowell is gonna be writing two comic books, and the first will be illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks! Excuse me while I pass out from excitement.

I’ve previously expressed fondness for these individuals and/or fandoms, so I would like to link to some critiques of them that are extremely salient: Macklemore, Sherlock, and Amanda Palmer.

Bianca’s “Bite Me” look is seriously, seriously heartstopping.

Happy Friday, Lunar New Year, and end of January, all!


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