Outfit Post: 2/3/14


Top, slacks, and heels: Thrifted — Scarf: World Market — Earrings: Target 


Some days when I’m struggling with self-consciousness and bad body image, I just want to be comfortable and as covered-up as possible.


That’s how this outfit came about; I didn’t have the emotional energy to try and pair tights and skirts and cardigans, so I grabbed some bright comfy slacks, a bright soft scarf, and some neutral heels and a neutral sweater to see me through the day.


I even got compliments! (Although one coworker was disappointed that my socks were also black–not the purple ones she was expecting from bright-colors Mia, haha.) So, y’know, that’s nice! It feels a little like subverting depression brain when I can find a workaround and still feel cute.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/3/14

  1. Babydoll, I just wanted to comment and tell you how beautiful I think you are. Inside and out, of course, but since this is a fashion blog, I wanted to tell you that I think you always look adorable. (And I saw you at a work conference, so I KNOW how pretty you are in real life!)

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