Outfit Post: 2/7/14


Dress: Solano Stroll — Button-front: Thrifted — Boots: Macy’s — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams (Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs in “Spice”)


Here’s another attempt at making my back-wrap dress appropriate for work! (And appropriate for the short burst of rain we finally got. Thanks, clouds! Keep it comin’!)


These boots come out all the time during the rain, because they’re my only pair of boots with real grippy tread on the bottom. Isn’t that weird? Even my fancy expensive wide-calf boots from Duo have a smooth sole, which doesn’t make walking or biking in the wet very fun. What the heck, bootmakers?


One thought on “Outfit Post: 2/7/14

  1. It’s not just boot makers. A lot of shoe makers do not just a smooth sole, but a slick sole. It’s so weird to me and, frankly, drives me crazy when I’m walking or riding. I think that’s why I repeat so many shoe choices; they’re best for moving in.

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