Outfit Post: 2/14/14


Top: Target — Skirt and belt: Thrifted — OTKs: Sock Dreams (Dreamer Tartan OTKs) — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye) — Earrings: Vendor on campus — Bracelet: World Market


The other day, blogfriend Amy asked a good question:

I don’t know if you have ever mentioned this before, but is it difficult to come up with your different outfits? I don’t worry too much about my outfits ~ if it is clean and matches even remotely, I throw it on and go. Accessories happen sometimes, but generally as an afterthought and when it is subzero outside, I don’t even bother as I don’t want any jewelry permanently frozen to my body :O
I know you have a blog and therefore probably do put more time and effort into what you are wearing for the day, but are there days where you just don’t want to even try? Just curious :)


I’ll level with you–there are definitely days when I don’t want to try at all. Probably 2-3 days a week (at least) I don’t even take pictures of what I wore, either because a) I didn’t have time, or b) I didn’t think the outfit was post-worthy. When I have the mental energy to put fun outfits together, I honestly enjoy it a lot, and it makes me feel most like myself when I do. There are lots of times when I’m too tired or out of whack to spend the time matching things up, though–especially like now, when the weather is in a weird middle-ground where a good portion of my clothing isn’t suitable for both the cold mornings and the warmer afternoons.  (I’m lucky to live in a state with fairly mild weather, so extreme winter cold isn’t an issue, but my style would definitely take a different tack if it were.)


Plus, there are sick days (like yesterday) and there are weekends when I spend the whole day in shlubby clothes cleaning the bathtub and the kitchen. But! I miss “dressing like Mia” if I go too long in knockarounds, and feeling cute and put-together does my spirit good. I know that’s not a priority for everyone, and that’s perfectly OK! Through most of high school and college I didn’t give a rip about what I wore and was happy that way. It’s only within the last couple years that I developed an enjoyment of clothes and putting together outfits, so that’s who I am now.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/14/14

  1. Cool! Curiosity satisfied 🙂
    Love how well the bracelet matches the skirt…I can see how cool mornings and warm afternoons could present a challenge.
    Hope you are feeling much better by now!

  2. This would be awesome on your about page! I feel like I hardly ever take photos of what I wear any more. Going from only doing OOTD to a range of topics was been weird at times, but I think it’s also been better for me. Sometimes with OOTD I feel like I’m constantly struggling.

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