Outfit Post: 2/26/14


Top and tights: Target — Skirt: Thrifted (Target) — Boots: Macy’s — Earrings and ring: Gifts — Coat [below]: Thrifted — Firebird pin: Christkindlmarket in Chicago


Hey there, you amino acids, you! I’m feeling a wee bit botched today, so please enjoy the calming silence of this mostly text-free post. I’ll probably be back to my old self tomorrow.






4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/26/14

  1. Hope you are feeling back to your old self soon! Love all the accessories on today’s outfit. That pin is really neat! And I love the earrings but am stumped as to how you would put them on/in?? I’m a bit squeamish on earrings that have to be threaded through the lobes :O

  2. LOVE the earrings! And your big jacket pin! But I do not appreciate you buying stuff in Chicago when I can’t snap it up too! When I saw the pin, I was totally planning to go to whatever Etsy shop you got it at and get one…

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