Guest Post: How to Dress Like a Graphic Designer

[Hey, it’s a presumably-beautiful Friday! How about a guest post from my kickass graphic designer friend Bergie? Let her teach you the ways of her people. -Mia]

IceBergMama full shot

Long-sleeve black T – Kohl’s Juniors section
Black tank (worn underneath) – Mossimo/Target
Charcoal skinny jeans – Mossimo/Target
Boots of Power – Globe Shoe Co.
Sunglasses – Target
Earrings – DIY
Not pictured: filthy black Toast hoodie for warmth

IceBergMama earring detail

Like every other graphic designer, the vast majority of my wardrobe is solid black. It’s a shortcut to looking stylish, and you know we love our shortcuts almost as much as we love caffeine. Also very slimming.

The infamous Boots of Power help when intimidating ad reps into accepting that my design may not be what the client asked for, but it’s what the client needs. Also good for striding down the catwalk / to the photocopier.

Giant sunglasses help us cope with natural light. Graphic designers prefer to be bathed in the soothing glow of our monitors.

I made these bad-ass earrings myself – yep, those are guitar picks! Accessories & makeup is where I typically break away from the 100% K (black) motif.


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