Loads of Links 4/1/14


image via Gorogoa

Have I linked to any of Anne Helen Petersen’s work before? If I haven’t shame on me. She’s the coolest Doctor of Celebrity Gossip ever, and she recently did an interview with The Hairpin about why she’s leaving academia. (Incidentally, her piece for Buzzfeed on Jennifer Lawrence and the History of the Cool Girl is really great.)

My gal Erin has done a couple of killer posts in the last couple weeks: one on consent culture, and another on epilepsy awareness!

I freaking love reading people’s travel notes, and Swear Jars & Shoe Funds’ trip to London is no different. Plus, hot pink and gray is a kickass color combination.

Go play Gorogoa’s demo and then come back here so we can scream about how interesting and pretty it is. Puzzle games are so great. (H/T to Tito for introducing me to it!)

Author Barry Lyga wrote a thoughtful post about author-fan (and adult-teen) interaction; there have also been equally thoughtful responses, like this one by author Jessie Devine on the assumption of male guilt.

Claudia and Hazel from A Fashionable Condition were just in India, and encountered wheelchair inaccessibility at the Taj Mahal.

You can listen to six (SIX!) of Saladin Ahmed’s short fantasy stories for free over at PodCastle.

Ally looks so fun and cheerful in this bright bright BRIGHT dress!

A Very Important tweet about Murder, She Wrote.

I might be getting a wee bit emotional about Rachel’s essay on The Valley of Sucking. (No, go on, just go read it.)

This might be the most incredible Seinfeld supercut I’ve ever seen.

Just a Normal Teen: “Her eyes were green in a really specific way. Other people’s eyes are green sometimes, but not like the way her eyes were green.”



2 thoughts on “Loads of Links 4/1/14

  1. This is an almost magical collection of the content I didn’t know I urgently wanted right now. Including Podcastle! (I was begging a friend to tell me where to start with their archives, so I am super excited to hear the Ahmed stories!)

    Thanks for the link to the sucking-musings. It’s reassuring to know that others can feel unskilled or dumb or discontent with their progress. 🙂

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