Outfit Post: 4/7/14


Shirt, pants, and bangle: Thrifted — Shoes: eBay (Eleanor Grosch for Keds) — Earrings: Fab (Tiklari)


These pants need to be hemmed just the tiniest little itty bit, which of course ensures that I will never do it, ever-ever.


My priorities run more in the direction of wasting time on Twitter and watching back episodes of Murder, She Wrote.


(You may think I’m joking about that last one, but I’m really not. It’s quality cleaning-the-kitchen fare, and Jessica Fletcher’s sweaters are amazing.)


What would you rather do than hem pants? Unless you actually do like hemming pants, in which case–congratulations! Hemming is its own reward.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/7/14

  1. Those earrings are adorable! I’m not overly fond of hemming pants, myself, but being short in the legs requires it. Often. I’d rather snuggle up with my dog and read.

  2. I would rather do almost anything else, than hem pants. I’d rather just pay someone else to do it but there are other things I’d rather do than make the time to bring them somewhere to be hemmed. Basically, like you, my pants are never getting hemmed.

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