Guest Post: Icicle Bonnet

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from Rae, who, and I quote, “spends more time on Twitter than is practical or reasonable and was inspired to start caring more about style by some great people there! Her nonsense resides @slowseptember.” -Mia]


Shirt: Ricki’s. Pants: Ricki’s. Boots: G.H. Bass outlet. Earrings: Ricki’s. Headband: actual headband from Shoppers Drug Mart, fascinator hair clip purchased at a street stall in London by The Fellow shortly before I shaved my head and couldn’t wear it so sewed it to the headband. Bracelet: #allinforGillian. Sunglasses: Melanie Lyne. Purse visible in top two pictures: Miche Canada.

Our choir director, in tandem with the lady who takes care of all our music and herds us around on performance days, decided that for Easter we should wear “spring colours on top, dark bottoms, dress nicely but it doesn’t have to be formal.” (Our choir dress codes can sometimes be maddening). Nevertheless, I struck out to Ricki’s and bought a blue shirt that had enough room in it to take deep, soprano-note-sustaining breaths. I also bought some matching earrings.

I made my dad take pictures of me. He was a little confused as to why, but was fairly game.


I couldn’t stop singing “in your Easter bonnet/with icicles upon it” all week after I saw it on Twitter, since in Calgary spring means nothing. I decided that therefore Easter Sunday meant fascinator time (as close as I could come to an Easter bonnet).


“Okay, let’s go,” said my dad, so I took the opportunity to grab my turquoise sunnies and take one more quick picture. I make this face in 90% of my selfies – they just don’t make it to Twitter.


Happy Spring, everyone!

-Rae (@slowseptember)


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Icicle Bonnet

  1. Fascinators are so adorable (when not worn by pretentious hipsters), I just want to throw my arms around the person and cuddle them. So consider yourself cuddled from afar, Miss!

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