Guest Post: Professional-Type Lady

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from Jess, who is a knitter/secretary in San Francisco; online, she can be found on Twitter @MsJinxie, where she mostly tweets about terrible dates, bad public transportation, and misandry. -Mia]

Hey gang! The delightful Ms. Mia has graciously allowed me to participate in the temporary guest-takeover of this-here blog, yay! I’ll admit I had a hard time deciding what to show off to y’all; I wear clothes every day (it’s too cold in San Francisco to go without), but which clothes are the MOST representative of me/my look? In the end, I went with a work outfit, since 5 out of 7 days in a week I have to (at least try to) look like a semi-professional-type lady.

In theory, my firm’s dress code is business-casual.  In practice, at least in the East Coast offices, it’s more like business-business. Since I’m on the West Coast (and The Powers That Be have lowered expectations of us out here) I can usually get away with bending the rules a little. Nothing too out-there, of course, but my clothes tend to run on the more colorful end of the spectrum. Today’s outfit is typical: we’ve got comfy, fitted pants, a button-up shirt (layered over a camisole, to help with boob coverage), and a cardigan (layers are VERY important here). The most important component of this outfit is the (ratty, old) shoes I’m wearing, because they match the colors in my clothes almost exactly.  It’s almost unseemly, really, the amount of joy this brings me, and I will cry actual tears when these shoes finally bite the dust.

photo 1

(Pants:  LOFT, the most comfortable and flattering non-jeans pants I’ve found – I love them so much I bought them in 3 colors; cami, blouse, and cardigan all from the Gap because there’s a location in my work building and I’m lazy; shoes are so old I no longer remember where they’re from.)

Today’s accessories are:  a surprisingly flattering purple lippie (Revlon Super Lustrous in Violet Frenzy) and Big Hair (assisted by a windy afternoon near the water).  I’ve spent far too much of my 34 years battling The Hair, but I’m trying to embrace it, let it do what it wants.  I’ll admit, my ‘do is a big part of why I never feel entirely right in a Professional Lady costume – to my mind, grown ups have neat hair.  They have hair that behaves.  Mine has never, ever done that, no matter how hard I try, so lately I’ve given up trying to fit a mold meant for someone else and that means giving my hair the freedom to do its thing and then just wearing clothes that suit the hair.  Progress!

photo 2

(Thanks to MLE, @pantalonesfuego on the Twitter, for taking these photos during our lunch date.)


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Professional-Type Lady

  1. jglzr says:

    Your hair is gorgeous! If those great shoes are leather then some clear shoe polish could help lengthen their life expectancy, maybe?

    • msjinxie says:

      Clear shoe polish? OMG genius. I am heartily ashamed I never thought of that, since I have a box full of shoe polish in the laundry room. (Pa Jinx taught me well, except he never mentioned clear shoe polish.)

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