Guest Post: Flamboyant Time Traveler

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from Megan Patterson, who is a dress addict and the Science and Technology Editor at Paper Droids. -Mia]


Hi everyone! I’m Megan, filling in for Mia while she is off in the wilds of Europe. You may recognize me as Megano! from Twitter/The ‘Pin/The Toast, but I’m also the Science and Technology editor over at Paper Droids, a feminist geek culture site for and by women.

I usually write about tech and video games, but I also looooove clothes and makeup, which is apparently difficult for some people to wrap their heads around. I can be a nerdy tomboy and like video games and still love dresses, y’all, the universe won’t implode because of the societal contradiction.


Anyway! Onto the outfit. This outfit hits pretty much all of my sartorial buttons: lots of colour, red lipstick, dresses, hats, and polka dots. My look is very vintage-inspired. I literally paid $5 for those sunglasses, and have somehow managed to not lose them in like 5 years. Which is great cuz they’re super dope. It’s a bit hard to tell that I’m wearing a beret, but it is there. I started collecting vintage hats when I was 19, first by trawling vintage stores and flea markets, but now I mostly use Etsy, due to laziness and the glory of the internet. I think I have somewhere between 10-15, more if we’re counting fascinators and headbands. I LOVE HATS, Y’ALL. Let’s bring ‘em back! Wear ‘em to the movies! (I have done this, not the obnoxiously tall ones, obviously.)


I’m also a huuuuge lipstick fan. I came of age in the early aughts (ugh, do I seriously have to call it that now?), when lip gloss was all the rage, and I just hated it. I don’t like how lip gloss is sticky, and sheer, and just no. I am so glad lipstick is all the rage now, so I can hoard it like it will kill zombies in the upcoming apocalypse. I know for some people, strong lips read as sexy, but I really just find it powerful, and I am a colour fiend. Basically, just give me all the colour for my face and body, is my style philosophy, even though plus size girls are so often made to feel like we should be the opposite. It took me a while to embrace dressing the way I want to (like a flamboyant time traveler) regardless of my size, but I have to say, I’m much happier now that I’ve figured out how to be at peace with it.


Dress: eShakti – Hat: vintage – Sunnies: Smart Set – Shoes: Drew – Clutch: Mossimo – Lippie: Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Flamboyant Time Traveler

  1. LOVE that dress! I’ve got several hats in my collection, mostly of the cloche variety, but I don’t wear them very often. The Kansas wind likes to remove them from my head. I’m thinking of adding chin straps. Will that look too goofy?

  2. icebergmama says:

    oh my gawwwwd I love that shirt on you, you look so voluptuous & gorgey!!! also coveting the clutch & sunnies. ❤

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