Guest Post: An Iceberg in Spring

[Hi, folks! I’m off on a little-deserved vacation around Austria and Slovenia, so please enjoy a series of guest posts from my rad internet friends! This one is from IceBerg again. All hail the Berg. -Mia]


Dress: Target (juniors section)
Boots: Biviel, at Globe Shoe Co.
Earrings: made by me
Necklace: Diva (not my child Diva, but the fabulous chain store in Sydney Australia)


This dress is so comfortable it totally feels like wearing a nightie to work. I’m not super into that batwing look, but the sleeves are short enough that it’s not a big deal. I am super in love with the mullet hem (short in front, long in back). I think it’s different, but cute because the length difference is not like, November Rain wedding dress extreme.


Y’all it is HARD to find a pair of knee high boots with a non-pointy toe out there. So these round toed Biviels are my loves. They also have some adorable saddle-shoe style details.


Chain and guitar pick earrings made by me! I do not play guitar. But if I ever had a guitar playing emergency, there they are! So handy.

The shape of this bow necklace makes it pretty; the metal chain and black plastic materials make it modern and poppy.

When you have a haircut this intense, it’s really fun to go super femme and subvert people’s expectations of how “a person with that haircut” dresses. I am looking forward to sundress and strappy sandals weather!


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: An Iceberg in Spring

  1. Shucks Mahoney says:

    Oh, I LURVE this – every detail works! And it looks comfy as heck. I wear MBT boots only and they’re all rounded because…that’s how a foot is shaped (attention shoe designers).

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