Outfit Post: 5/25/14


Dress: Desigual — Sandals: Dansko — Belt: Thrifted — Hat: Target — Earrings: Charming Charlie


Oh good, we’re getting into the time of year when I get really nice and sweaty for outfit pictures.


I mean, this time I was extra sweaty because I’d just taken Flat Tire for a little walk around the backyard during the hot part of the day, but don’t worry, the sweatiness will continue unabated.


Should I talk about something other than sweat for a change? I got this dress at the same Desigual in Ljubljana as the tee I wore the other day, and I was v. excited to wear it because it is pretty as shit. I’ve already worn just about everything I bought myself during the trip, because I am not good at patience or waiting.


Basically, I am like a small child. A small child with a taste for sundresses.

Happy weekend, everybody!


10 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 5/25/14

  1. jglzr says:

    Hey, why shouldn’t you have worn all your purchases already? That’s what they’re for, no? This one is a particular beauty. I have only one objection, however; have you been wearing new purchases but failing to share them on the blog? Or have I missed something. Only, you say “all” but I only remember the desigual tee before this outstanding dress. You look wonderful.

  2. jglzr says:

    Ok, I clearly have the memory of a goldfish. There was that great printed top, and also a ring. It the reign leather? Copper? It’s hard to tell from the picture. Sorry for my strange rambling comments, I should have left it at the first two sentences above!

    • Haha! I love seeing your comments, no matter how many you leave.

      Let’s see if I can remember what-all I got: the sweatshirt, the ring (which is copper, or at least copper-ish), a pair of earrings that I’ve worn but which haven’t gone up here because the pictures that day were terrible, the Desigual dress and shirt, and a dress that’s going up on Monday. I think that’s it? Maybe?

  3. OH THAT DRESS IS GOOOORGEOUS. Normally I’m so-so on desigual things. I like them, but something in a print or their mixed media puts me off of a garment, but this one I am up and down in love with.

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