Product Review: Paintbox Soapworks

HEY! D’ya like soap?

Personally, I didn’t really care what sudsed my loofah until a couple of years ago, when my stepsister gifted me with some of her homemade goat-milk hot-press soap, and I realized how pretty it smelled and how nice it felt. It made showers feel a little bit fancier, you know? After several months of using it, I was disappointed to learn that she’d lost interest in the hobby and stopped making her own soap. Booooo. Well, I didn’t want to go back to store-bought stuff, so I turned to my friends for recommendations, and one pal pointed me in the direction of Paintbox Soapworks.

And that’s the story of how I found my One True Soap Love.

image (4)

This is my very own jar of Gingermilk Sorbetto, an awesome scrub that makes my face smell crazy delicious every time I use it. The 11oz size is pretty generous–I’ve had mine since the end of November and I’m just now running low. Note that the store recommends you use the scrub within 3 months of purchase for best quality. I haven’t personally noticed any degradation in the product, but maybe you can follow the directions better than I can!

The sorbetto hasn’t prevented the usual intermittent breakout of acne since I started using it, but mostly my face feels nice and smooth, and my skin is less dry than it was before. Since I’m almost out of my current scrub, it’s time for me to decide what I want next; I think I’ll order the Heima scent. Mint, eucalyptus, and spruce sounds so refreshing and might help me wake up in the mornings now that I’m on earlier hours at work.

I’m not going to show you my bar of Paintbox’s seasonal Hearthside glycerin soap bar. It’s an embarrassing, well-loved little sliver in the shower caddy, and the scent (hot chocolate+woodsmoke) isn’t in stock right now anyway, being a wintertime thing. But the fact that the dregs of it are still sticking around is a selling point, since I bought the Hearthside bar at the same time as my tub of Gingermilk Sorbetto and it’s not quite gone yet. The glycerin bars are $6 each, so $1/month is not at all unreasonable, and I love coming out of the shower all relaxed and smelling like cocoa. It’s the little luxuries!

Other scents I like that are currently in stock are Sweet Cheeks and Big in Japan. Obviously I’m a fan of sweet and fruity scents, but there are also floral and spicy options, and even unscented if you’re sensitive to perfumes and such. I’ll say, though, that Mike is usually pretty averse to products with heavy scents, and he’s loved all the varieties that we’ve tried, especially Big in Japan–he asked me when we were going to get it again!

(Paintbox products I haven’t tried include the lotions, scent balms, coconut-free hot-process soaps, bath streusels, and shaving soaps, so I can’t tell you how those particular items perform, but they do generally get positive reviews from the other customers.)

The store’s summer update just went live, so there are all sorts of fun seasonal scents available right now, like Pink Sand and Little Paper Umbrellas. I find the fun names and combinations totally charming, and I haven’t yet tried a scent that I didn’t like. Go check Paintbox Soapworks out and see what you think!

[Disclosure: I am Twitter friends with Hayley, who works hard to make Paintbox possible, but I was not asked to review these products and I did not receive any compensation for reviewing them. I only became friends with her after I started buying and loving her products, and I think you might love them too. All opinions stated are my own.]


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