Outfit Post: 7/7/14


Top and skirt: Thrifted — Flats: American Rag — Earrings: Solano Stroll — Ring: Jewelry shop in Hallstatt, Austria


Oh boy, Literary Stylings! My favorite! (That sounds sarcastic, but it’s really not.)


I’ll be up-front with you guys, though; I kind of forgot about Literary Stylings this month, and this outfit isn’t directly based on any of the books I’ve read recently.


But never worry, I can shoehorn a connection in anyway! To wit: I just finished a slim little anthology that Tia generously sent me, called Bikes In Space Volume II: More Feminist Science Fiction, edited by Elly Blue.

See? I’m a feminist! I have a bike! I’m technically in space! There you go.


For real, though, I really enjoyed it. Most of the stories are quite short; the longest hits twelve pages, and the rest average something more like seven, and I think a few of them would benefit quite a bit from expansion. I particularly felt this way about the first few pieces–definitely good, but some pacing issues pulled me out of the story–but then I hit E.L. Bangs’ story “From an Interview with the Famed Roller Sara Zephyr Cain,” and my heart was totally won over.


I do enjoy the very particular topic material, though (no surprise there), and some of the stories, like the aforementioned “From an Interview…” and like Maddy Engelfried’s “Midnight Ride,” feature disabled women and trans women as main characters, which is great! Other favorites of mine included “Winning Is Everything,” by Emily June Street, “Grandma Takes Off,” by Elizabeth Buchanan, “Bikes to New Sarjun,” by Jessie Kwak, and “Butt Dial,” by editor Elly Blue. They’re fun stories, and interesting; I recommend the collection if you have any interest in women, science-fiction, bikes, or all three. I’m going to check out volume one and then look forward to the publication of volume three. Who knows? Maybe I’ll submit a little something for the next issue!

Thanks for the book, Tia. You know what I like. ❤

EDIT: How could I have written this article and failed to link to a place where you can purchase Bikes in Space? Terribly neglectful of me. Go here to buy it and to take a look at other Elly Blue Publishing books!


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/7/14

  1. I love this outfit–so pretty! And those earrings are awesome. I’m not so good with sci fi, but that anthology sounds great! You should submit something for sure!

  2. Girl, please. I *also* forgot about Literary Stylings this month and had to make something work. I love your skirt and your earrings and think as you are a woman, with a bike, in space that this outfit is perfect!

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