Outfit Post: 7/10/14


Dress: Thrifted — Shirt: Gift — Sandals: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Earrings: Target — Ring: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia


Mike and I found a new place to live, so we’re moving!


…only 2.6 miles, to be perfectly accurate, but I’ll be able to walk to work, which holds a certain appeal.


It also comes with a washer and dryer, which makes me do a happy little jig of joy. No more laundromats for me!


Anyway, this blog has faithfully followed Tia and me both through several moves, so you know the drill. I’m doing my best to slowly pack books and trinkets up now while we still have a month to prepare, but if I end up wearing the same four outfits for a week or two in the middle of it all–well, there are worse things.

(Got any moving tips to share, perchance?)


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