Outfit Post: 8/28/14


Top: Target — Pants: Thrifted — Flats: American Rag — Pendant and earrings: Gifts from Katie! — Bracelet: Gift from my mom (aww)


I’m not sure why I look so smug in these pictures. I promise that I only felt 1/16th as smug as my face would lead you to believe. (At most.)


Anyhoo. One of the great joys of moving to this new house is the washer and dryer next to the kitchen. No more laundry mangles for me!


It’s weird how luxurious it feels to be able to do a load of towels at home.


I’m pretty sure this is how I felt times fifty when we moved into our last place, which was a step up from the place before that in that it had a dishwasher.


Honestly, I’d rather go without on-site laundry facilities than without a dishwasher, but I think that’s only because there’s no laundromat equivalent where you can take a tub of dirty dishes to be washed in public. Speaking of, who wants to pioneer the dish-o-mat with me? We’ll make millions!

Outfit Post: 8/27/14


Shirt: Target — Pants: Old Navy — Sandals: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Headband: The Faerie Market — Earrings: Apostrophie


I was wearing a ring with this outfit too, but as with most things, I put it down when I came home and immediately lost it forever.


(Well, no. I found it today, 24 hours later, among rubbish on the kitchen counter.)


But whatever. Look! A headband!

Outfit Post: 8/26/14


Dress: Lana — Sandals: Dansko — Tank top: Target — Belt and bangle: Thrifted — Earrings: Vendor on campus


Did I mention that our new house has a lime tree out back?


I think it’s a lime tree, anyway. Some sort of citrus. 


It’s too bad I’m not a fan of mojitos, but at least I can make some limeade when they get good and ripe.


What else do you do with limes? Sorbet, maybe. Or juggling.


They tried to teach me to juggle in middle-school PE, but those scarves were too wily and clever for me. Maybe limes are the answer.

Outfit Post: 8/23/14


Tank top and skirt: Thrifted — Camisole: Old Navy — Shoes: Payless — Earrings: Target


Taking pictures in front of the sliding back door wasn’t actually an intentional experiment on my part; I just wanted some photos before heading out to the Bay Area on Saturday afternoon to spend some time with friends, and it was the only part of the house not totally blasted with sunlight.


Definitely not my favorite spot, although it does well enough in a pinch. (And I don’t really mind being distracted by a goofy cat.)


Speaking of the Bay Area! I stayed over at Tito’s house Saturday night and experienced the singular sensation of being woken up in the wee hours by a bone-rattling earthquake. Nothing broke or even fell, since the epicenter was closer to wine country than to the Bay, but it left me very groggy and confused at 3am nevertheless.


I was alive during the huge quake of 1989, but only barely, and I certainly don’t have any memories of it. Have you had any earthquake experiences?

Outfit Post: 8/22/14


Shirt: Target — Pants and necklace: Thrifted — Sandals: Dansko — Earrings: Apostrophie 


Even though these pants have black in them, I decided to wear brown shoes on Friday.


An extremely controversial choice, I know! It may lose me some voters but I have to be true to myself.


Actually, I’ve never cared too much about the black/brown thing–I know a lot of folks think of it as old-fashioned these days–and I thought brown sandals went better with the bright, summery colors of the outfit, even though black shoes would have been matchier.


If you disagree with me, however, please feel free to write a letter to your local Congressperson informing them of that fact. I’m sure they’ll listen.

Outfit Post: 8/18/14


Vest, camisole, pants, and flats: Thrifted — Bracelet: Gift (from Greece) — Earrings: Vendor at Lake Bled, Slovenia


Testing out area number two for outfit pictures: Bushy Foliage by Neighbors’ House. I’m not sure which I like better yet.


I haven’t properly met our neighbors on either side yet, but I have met a delightfully pudgy tuxedo cat who lives across the street and chirps for pets whenever I walk by.


It’s a good thing Flat Tire has no way of seeing out the front window. She’d feel so betrayed if she knew.


I don’t quite know if her jealousy would come from a heartfelt desire to keep my affections all to herself, or from a basic understanding that I am her property, much like the couch or the chairs or anything that falls on the kitchen floor. It’s hard to tell with cats sometimes.


Speaking of the little weirdo, she’s settling in nicely, as you can see. As long as there are comfy places to sleep, she’ll adapt to just about any move.

Outfit Post: 8/16/14


Dress: Multiple Threads — Shoes: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Earrings: Charming Charlie


Slowly getting back into the outfit picture game after days of wearing nothing but shorts and dust.  Baby steps! Dress and sandals.


But we’re moved! I’ll be trying out different areas of the yard for pictures! EXCITING. First area: Window Area With Dying Plants.


If this giraffe were a real giraffe, he could help eat those dead plants.


(Or maybe I want a goat? I don’t know if giraffes think they’re too good for dead plants.)