This Just In: Mia’s Already Forgotten What Happened in Vegas


If I reach back into the misty sands of memory (can sands be misty?), I almost remember seeing this view from my hotel window during my week of work conference in Las Vegas. Almost.


On the other hand, I definitely DO remember Liberace’s short-shorts.

I have to say, the Liberace Foundation was a really rad free little exhibit at the Cosmopolitan, where I was staying. Plus the Foundation employees are very helpful if an old cigarette machine that’s been converted into an art vending machine eats your money!


Said machine. I ended up with a teeny-tiny purse made out of a recycled German water tetrapak, so thankfully our story has a happy ending.


This was only my second time in Vegas and my first time spending evenings on my own there, so I muddled around and saw some neat stuff like the shark aquarium at Mandalay Bay and a Cirque du Soleil show! (O, if you were wondering. My trip had a distinctly aquatic theme despite taking place in the desert.)


I also wore conference-friendly clothes!


Although after a couple days of conference, I noticed other attendees wearing jeans and tidy-but-casual clothing, so maybe the linen pants and reverse wrap dress were unnecessary.


Oh well, it’s not like I haven’t ever been overdressed before!

(The conference went very well and I made some good contacts, like seeing and hugging Erin again, which was wonderful. It was a good trip, and I’m trying to hold onto the positivity of that among all the awful police and military actions that are taking place in Gaza and Ferguson, MO. In the case of the latter, though, I will say this: if you’re interested in trying to help, here is a good aggregation of ways to. I’ve personally donated to the folks running #OperationHelpOrHush on Twitter, and I wish I could do more; mostly I’m trying to stay informed and spread the word since so many media outlets are slow or nonexistent in their reporting of the events. If you have any other resources, please feel free to share them in the comments.)


2 thoughts on “This Just In: Mia’s Already Forgotten What Happened in Vegas

  1. J H says:

    We are all pagan babies, hostages without real souls.

    OK, Ferguson police, OK. We know where you are when we find you. We find you, you know why. You are pagan babies too.

    We are all pagan babies with nothing to lose.

    No respect, not even capital letters, pagan babies.

    Though l gots to say pagan baby Mia, good to see you again. Poop strong, poop long, gril.


  2. How fun to be able to go to Vegas for a work conference and have your evenings be free! Any chance we can see your cute little teeny-tiny purse made out of a recycled German water tetrapak? Sounds very cool!

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