Outfit Post: 8/31/14


Top: Gift, from Crete — Shorts and bracelet: Thrifted — Sandals: Target — Earrings: Vendor at Pow-Wow


I wore this outfit on Sunday to go have dinner with Mike’s family, but didn’t get a chance to take pictures that day, so yesterday I threw everything back on real quick when I got home from work.


See how devoted I am to my raging narcissism this blog and its readers? Touching, really.


Actually, now that I look at it, I don’t think this outfit photographed as well as it wore. The shorts are definitely too baggy and I should probably get rid of them, but I liked how the pinks and blues/greens played together anyway.


Speaking of: pretty green and blue earrings from the Pow-Wow! I’ll talk about it more tomorrow, but I decided to end my self-imposed shopping ban this month, and these earrings were a fun small way to dip my toe back into the water. (The water of clothing and accessories? Something like that.)


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/31/14

  1. Speaking of narcissism, clothing blogs skirt a fine line, I think. (BTW, you’re obviously not narcissistic). I think they can actually serve an excellent purpose in helping women learn to appreciate and love their bodies. If you look at photos of yourself every day (or however often you post), you become more familiar with what your body actually looks like. And you learn what flatters it, and what parts of your body are fantastic. Over the last few years of my blog, I’ve learned to LOVE my big hips!

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