Guest Post: Malice Springs

[Hey, pals! To celebrate this Friday, how about a guest post from the beloved IceBerg? Yes, I think that is a wonderful idea, indeed. Take it away, Bergie!]

sitting on steps

T-shirt – gift
jeans – Target junior section
boots – a cheap shoe store I forget the name of!
earrings – made by me!

full-shot IMG_6463

The t-shirt was a gift from my brother from when he was living in Darwin; it features a roller derby girl named Malice Springs (after Alice Springs)!


The badass boots cost me $25. No animals were harmed in the making of these pleather babies. The heels are 5″, but that includes about 1.5″ of platform. They are surprisingly comfortable, although it is a decidedly relative term in this case. I had a long conversation with the owner of the shoe store, a very hardworking gentleman from Pakistan whose children still live over there.


I made these cool Pegasus charm earrings for myself, but will be selling similar at my shop MicDropDesign and have lots of other designs already for sale as well!


Space Witch Mani (DIY!!!): Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Black Heart (how good is that name?), LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in purple/blue glitter, & LA Colors high gloss base/topcoat – (Awesome instructions on how to achieve this glitter fade look here by high priestess of beauty, Adwoa Asiedu)


[Isn’t she a badass, folks? And to the rest of you, have a great weekend.]


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