Outfit Post: 9/3/14


Top, skirt, and flats: Thrifted — Pendant: Hand-me-down — Earrings: c/o MicDropDesign


Yeah, okay, skirt, shirt, clothes, whatever. I have something more important to show you!


No, that’s not it. (Although this locket of my grandma’s is pretty important too, I won’t lie.)


Here we are! You know Bergie, most recently of last Friday’s badass guest post? She is making jewelry now, and that includes these amazing Birth of Venus earrings that are now in my possession.


My third-favorite thing about them, besides the fact that 1) Bergie made them and 2) they are gorgeous, is that they remind me of a certain Terry Gilliam bit:

It’s just so important, isn’t it? I knew you’d agree with me; this is why we’re friends.

[Disclosure: I received these earrings as a gift, but I am talking about them–and about MicDropDesign in general–of my own free will, because I love Alice’s work and think you might too. She did not ask me to feature her work here and I am not being compensated for doing so. All opinions stated are my own.]


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