Things I Did Not Buy: Things I Actually DID Buy (For a Change) Edition

Well, now! Since I gracefully ended my shopping ban, I’ve had the opportunity to make a few purchases. As such, this edition of Things I Did Not Buy is hilariously misnamed. Never mind that, though. Let’s see here…


Okay, so this isn’t the exact two-layer gold triangle necklace that I bought, but it’s the closest equivalent I could find. This particular necklace is thirty times more expensive than the one I got–and relatedly, you probably can’t find this one at a thrift store in San Francisco. But they both have two layers, they both have triangles, they’re both trendy. Close enough for horseshoes, I say! (I have never actually said that.)


I forget how I ended up there, but the other day I was poking around the internet and found my way to Poshmark, which basically appears to be eBay with comments? Anyway, this cute dress popped up, and as you can probably guess, the awesome colors had me immediately doing grabby-hands. I checked things out and it seemed legit (and the price was right), so we’ll see in a week or two whether I actually get the dress or just a box of spiders in the mail.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve been admiring Ragini’s gold oxfords for eons, and finally made the decision to go over to Goldenponies and place an order. My gray cheapo oxfords are looking a bit worse for wear, and why NOT have a pair of gold shoes?


Finally, we have a t-shirt with a goat on it. See, an awesome farmer and goat-breeder I follow on Twitter was in need of a little financial assistance so that one of her dogs could get surgery, so she set up a Teespring campaign. (It’s since ended, but you can still give!) I’ll always help a doggie out when I can, and since I am way more aware of dairy goats than I was before I started following her, this shirt speaks nothing more than the truth. Plus, it has a goat on it.

Any new purchases in your neck of the woods?


2 thoughts on “Things I Did Not Buy: Things I Actually DID Buy (For a Change) Edition

  1. I looked into using Poshmark to sell items from my closet, but it seemed too complicated for me. eBay is familiar, so I’m sticking with that. Buying is probably quite simple on Poshmark, tho. That is indeed a cute dress! The necklace reminds me of a pair of earrings I used to own back in the ’90s, which are no longer in my collection. I kind of miss them.

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