Outfit Post: 9/22/14


Shirt: Target — Skirt, flats, and necklace: Thrifted — Earrings and bracelet: Hand-me-downs


As they are wont to do, a couple folks on Twitter worked up Monday as a fall-colors outfit day for any friends who wanted to participate. And, I mean, you know I love participating in stuff, so I was there.


It’s still pretty hot in California’s Central Valley, so I went for lightweight clothes and decided on grellow (gray+yellow–the style blogging world says it, so it must be a thing!) with hints of gold and black. The double-triangle necklace I picked up at a San Francisco thrift store a couple weeks ago makes me feel trendier than normal. Is it weird for shapes to be trendy?


I can never photograph these earrings well enough to really clearly capture the little cameos, but trust me, they’re there. Why would I lie to you about wearing little faces on my earlobes?


Lying is kind of fun, though. This bracelet came from Mars! Mike is really a turkey vulture wearing a human suit! Only good people can hide in computers! C’mon, friends, lie with me.


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