Guest Post: Schoolgirl Weirdo Robyn

[What’s that, everyone? You’ve been wanting another guest post? Want no more, friends, because my buddy Julie is here to rock your world. -Mia]


I’m Julie aka J Twitch aka yrpretendfriend and I’m a biology undergraduate in the Pacific Northwest. My style is usually a dirtbag Clarissa Explains It All but today I’m feeling more schoolgirl weirdo Robyn.


I secretly wish I wore glasses so this shirt from buffalo exchange is a compromise.


I thought I would wear my eyeball necklace with it because why not? It’s from a random store in Portland.


My skirt is thrifted and my socks are from H&M and shoes/earrings from target! (My nose ring is from a deleted etsy shop. Possibly sketchy?)


Watch is from the Piccadilly flea market and friendship bracelet from my pal Edie!


Peep that rad ant poster I just discovered in my lab (I research leaf cutter ants)!


Thanks Mia!


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