Guest Post: Babies and Flowers

[Happy Friday, everybody! I’d like to make Friday guest posts a thing whenever I have one on hand–leave a comment if you’d like to do one in the future, whatever your style may be. This post is from Emily, an awesome friend of mine. -Mia]


Here’s me in my nice outfit I wore today to visit with my 95 y/o grandma, aunt, cousin, and cousin’s babies. Shirt is from a random $5 sale at a boutique store in San Rafael, skirt is thrifted but good quality (Sunny Leigh) from the fancy Goodwill in Healdsburg, shoes are Naturalizer.


Necklace was a gift from a friend, colors reminded her of me. 🙂 Neither baby deposited any bodily fluids on me, which was unexpected.


[Emily owns her own business, Green Snapdragon, where she does incredible floral design and consultation! You can see one of her finished bouquets above. Check out her Instagram or portfolio if you want to look at a bunch larger gorgeous and soothing flower photos, which you know you do. -Mia]

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