Outfit Post: 10/6/14


Shirt and earrings: Target — Skirt: Thrifted (Banana Republic) — Shoes: Golden Ponies — Necklace: Thrifted — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium


Oh man, where to start today? New gold shoes, new-to-me ruffly skirt…actually, I guess that’s about it.


My Golden Ponies oxfords finally arrived over the weekend and they fit amazingly well and are surprisingly comfortable. I’m really just so pleased with them, since I have a spotty record when it comes to internet shoes.


The only downside so far is that after one sedentary day of wearing them at work, I’d already put two scratches/scuffs in the gold. Since I’m not the most graceful person in the world, I’m a little worried about how long it’ll take before they look totally beaten up–but I guess I’ll just walk softly and worry about that when I get there. (Do they make gold shoe polish?)


A while ago at the office I was quite taken with a coworker’s pink-and-gold outfit combination, and I can finally replicate it as often as I want. Gold shoes pretty much go with everything, but I’m looking forward to thinking up some particular pairings for maximum effect.


Over and over lately, I keep finding myself drawn to a particular type of feminine clothing–“romantic” is really the word that comes to mind for me, despite the fact that I don’t consider myself a very feminine or romantic person. There’s something about the drapey fabrics and muted colors that really appeals to me, though, and I think I just have to accept it instead of feeling self-conscious about it.


I’m not planning on going full-on romantic anytime soon, I should note. I like loud colors too much and would be loath to give up my hot pink floral pants. But even so, it’s good to know myself just a little bit more.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/6/14

  1. Those shoes! I was hoping you’d report on them when you got them in – I’ve had their website open in a tab ever since you tweeted about them. I’ve got my eyes on the Mary Jane Glitter Heels, just waiting for a good excuse to buy them 😉

  2. I think it’s good to have a variety of styles in your wardrobe. We have varying emotions and moods, as well as diverse environments, and our clothing oftentimes will reflect that.

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