Outfit Post: 10/12/14


Top: Target — Shorts: Nordstrom Rack — Sandals: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Bangle: Thrifted (Target) — Earrings: Heatherly Designs


Thanks to climate change, it’s mid-October and I haven’t put away the short-shorts yet.


(I make climate change jokes occasionally but I can’t actually think about it too in-depth or I start having a panic attack. Try it sometime, it’s fun!)


(Okay, I make jokes about anxiety disorders too. It’s a coping mechanism.)


Uhh, anyway. This outfit was meant to go up yesterday, but then Mike and I had friends over and I forgot about my responsibilities like blogging and brushing the cat.


We watched a few interesting anime films and series! The Garden of Words is probably the most beautifully-animated thing I’ve ever seen, but the writing’s kind of weak; Little Witch Academia is precious and very seasonally appropriate (and which includes a witch with the amazing name of Shiny Chariot); and GunBuster is a little bit silly and a lot-bit 80’s. So, you know, it was a pretty good evening all-around.


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