Loads of (Eerie) Links 10/30/14


image via The Hairpin

Who’s in the mood for some Halloweeny links? (Spoiler alert: it’s me!)

Over at the Toast, Emily L. Stephens has an article about horror movies The Haunting (1963) and May (2002) and their late-blooming protagonists. (I participated in her live-tweet of The Haunting on Saturday and was completely fascinated by the amount of barely-“sub” queer subtext.)

I am loving The Ghost in My Machine’s multi-part haunted road trip series. Part 1: “Scaling the Ruins of Bannerman Castle.” Part 2: “Chasing the Ghosts of Clinton Road.”

Emily Carroll’s horror comics are always a perfect creepy read for the midnight hour, and “When the Darkness Presses” is no exception.

For some real-life unsettling reading, you could do worse than Will Storr’s article from March on the controversial maybe-disease Morgellons Syndrome.

Dinosaur Dracula is chock-full of vintage and contemporary Halloween-season food, toys, and commercials, and I can’t help reading about every single one of them.

R.L. Stine, master of my childhood, decided to write a story live on Twitter–unsurprisingly, it’s called “What’s In My Sandwich?”

Speaking of R.L. Stine: even though Blogger Beware hasn’t updated in over a year, it’s still my favorite repository for Goosebumps book reviews, and I reread the entire thing at least once a year.

Monica McLaughlin is BACK at the Hairpin doing Estate Jewelry posts, and last week she did a special Halloween-themed edition. Toadstones! Charivari! A disembodied penis made out of natural pearls!

For all my fellow white people out there: Mikki Kendall has advice for all of us on how to avoid wearing a racist costume on Halloween! You can do it, I believe in you.


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