Guest Post: Bringer of War and Perfect Jackets

[Happy Friday, pals that are in a Friday part of the world! Please enjoy this charming space-themed guest post from the glorious Diana. -Mia]

Full outfit

Please excuse the mirror selfies with tablet; I am a solitary witch without a tripod.

So here’s what was going on in my life on the afternoon of November 1, 2014:

1. My best friend Meg and I were spending the entire weekend having a long-distance two-person nerd con, which mostly involved watching a LOT of Babylon 5.
2. I had dressed as a space witch for Halloween the day before.
3. The event I was getting ready to go to that day was an orchestra concert featuring famous space-themed music.

Also, I am the sort of person who will accept any excuse to wear a costume, even (ESPECIALLY) if it’s not an obvious costume to anyone but me. You can probably see where I’m going with this. But as much as I love my galaxy leggings and my shooting star earrings, after Halloween I was in the mood for the statement my outfit made to be a bit less literal. So I thought I’d try to evoke the cosmic theme more subtly with colors and patterns.

Tights and bag

Match your bag to your legs, that’s what I always say.

Speaking of which, let me tell you about my legs. I’d been looking forward to wearing my cobalt blue footless tights, but discovered when I put them on that the stitching had partially come out of one of the cuffs, leaving a dozen visible runs up the back of one leg. Hearing of my tragic plight, Meg said, “Can you put another pair of tights on underneath and make it look deliberate?” which gave me an idea. I put on a different pair of tights in chalkboard green. Then I took the cobalt tights, ripped the rest of the stitching out of both cuffs, and pulled runs all the way around each leg, all the way to the top. Once they were on over the green tights and all the rough edges were covered by my shoes and dress, the effect was, literally and figuratively, seamless.

The color didn’t look all that different over the green; I’m curious to try some different pairings. I have some ketchup-packet-red tights that should make for an interesting experiment.

Back of jacket

When I discovered this jacket at Nordstrom Rack in what I’m pretty sure was the wrong spot (and yet, somehow, exactly the right spot), it was basically the clothes-shopping equivalent of a meet-cute. Love at first sight, trying-it-on-with-every-piece-of-clothing-I-own montage when I brought it home, the whole package. It is the best jacket in the world.

No jacket

There is nothing about this dress that is not perfect. I added a cardigan for extra color and a bit of warmth and buttoned two buttons to make it subtly evoke a waistcoat under the jacket.

The boots are from Kmart. I KNOW, RIGHT? An internet rando told me about Kmart shoes, which is why I now always listen to internet randos. These are awesome boots in pretty much every way that a boot can be awesome, not the least of which is that THEY FIT MY CALVES. It turns out that the price of having powerful Amazon legs is never being able to just go into a store and buy the sweetest pair of tall boots you can find, unless that store is Kmart, apparently.


One pair of earrings, the most literal space reference I allowed in this outfit. Meg gave them to me the last time I visited. She said that she never wore them and that I would probably get more use out of them; can’t imagine where she got that idea. Elsewhere, my ever-present Agnes Scott College class ring, as well as a ring that is probably made out of painted plastic but which belonged to my grandmother and I love it for both that reason and also the reason that it is gorgeous.


That concert was the best, by the way. Do not depart this mortal realm without having heard Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War performed live at least once. Stop looking at me like that. I certainly didn’t tear up during that song just because I love it so much. You did that. It was you.

Jacket: Nordstrom Rack (Baccini) — Dress: Target — Cardigan: Target — Tights: Target — Boots: Kmart — Jewelry: Hand-Me-Downs and Class Ring — Purse: Wilson’s Leather Outlet


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