This Just In: TIAAAAA




TIAAAAAAAAAA!! Ending Mia transmission, beginning Tia transmission:

I guess maybe I could’ve taken the things out of my pockets. Whoops. This is a lot of my life now. Doing a thing, and then realizing that maybe there was a slightly better way to do it only hours after I had done the thing. This is what happens when you go to graduate school, I suppose. A lot of things have changed since I last had the chance to say things — I got my proposal in, which means I’ve only about a year or so left in my PhD. I started teaching lindy hop and blues dance locally, and even got one job in Columbus, Ohio! I briefly ran a weekly blues dance, but we decided to put the event on hiatus. Things! It’s been lovely having Mia out again, and we got to visit the Bowie Is… exhibit today at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was a really interesting exhibit, and I’ve basically come to the conclusion that it’s a pretty obvious tragedy that I haven’t really plunged into Bowie’s artistic legacy before. Seriously, it’s so obvious that Bowie is my art guiding light. Dang past Tia, why didn’t you know that David Bowie would pretty much be everything you needed in an art hero?


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