Outfit Post: 12/28/14


Jacket: Thrifted (Converse One Star) — Shirt, earrings, and leggings: Target — Skort: Thrifted (Gloria Vanderbilt) — Socks: Sock Dreams (Heather Over the Knee Stockings in Slate) — Boots: eBay (Steve Madden Troopas) — Belt: Thrifted 


I wore this yesterday to a) hit up the farmer’s market, b) sit around reading at home and c) pick tangerines off the tree in our backyard.


You might not think of this as a particularly practical outfit for fruit-picking, but that’s the beauty of the skirt!


I think of it as my Sport Skort, actually, because it’s really pretty handy for any physical activities that I might engage in. Bike-riding! Leisurely hill-climbing! Cleaning the bathtub!


Okay, I’m no Action Jackson–but it works on my level, and the tangerines aren’t complaining.


One thought on “Outfit Post: 12/28/14

  1. Nice little side-twist in your hair.

    I was just thinking abut your pink short yesterday, while I was putting away my running skort. I almost never run, but it’s comfy around the house. I’m starting to wish most of my skirts were skorts.

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