This Just In: Mia’s Top Outfits of 2014, As Chosen By Her Own Vain Self

Wellity, wellity, wellity. Yes, it’s that time again. This year, though, I’m forgoing a split between my top five and the internet’s top five because I’m a wild card and only the blogging gods can judge me many of this year’s most popular posts were written by guests to the blog! I like seeing faces besides mine around here too, so we’ll see if we can’t keep that up in 2015. So, here we are, my ten favorite outfits for 2014:


January 7


March 6


March 24


April 5


May 31


May 23


August 30


October 6


November 21


December 19

Some observations: 1) I frequently don’t know what to do with my arms in outfit photos. Or my feet. Or my face. 2) Those brown boots got a lot of good use. 3) I may have officially hit Peak Mia on May 23, but I’m not packing up just yet, and my love of bright colors and pattern-mixing will continue unabated until further notice.

Not a bad year, all in all. What will 2015 hold for Mia’s closet? Will I throw everything on the fire in an anti-materialist rage before winter’s end and spend the rest of the year taking pictures of the same sackcloth dress? Will I finally get that mechanical third arm I’ve been wanting for bracelet-display purposes? Will I finally come to terms with the color red? Stay tuned to find out!*

*You probably won’t find out. That’s okay, though; we’ll get through this together.

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