Loads of Links 1/9/15


image via Naturalist’s Cabinet

Thrift-o-Rama’s “lady friendships” post from last October makes me smile every time I read it, I swear.

Naturalist’s Cabinet makes some of the most stunning nature-inspired jewelry I’ve ever seen. I mean, this Bird’s Nest Fungus necklace? WOW.

Why not take an hour to enjoy this supercut of Jessica Fletcher’s epiphanies?

Merritt Kopas makes some really thoughtful, unusual games, like the transgender-identity-and-family-themed Conversations with My Mother, that are worth checking out.

Ytasha Womack and her work on Afrofuturism are inspiring and amazing.

“Sandra is one of Australia’s unofficial experts on the living aspects of death”: read about how an Australian trans woman started her own trauma cleaning business.

Whether or not Stef Conner’s album The Flood is an accurate approximation of ancient Sumerian and Babylonian singing, her music is gorgeous and eerie and very haunting.

I’m pretty hopeless at knitting, but if I were better, I would absolutely pounce on my friend Kit’s gorgeous handspun yarns in her Etsy shop, Trillflower Fiber Arts.

I really enjoy Kasmira’s breakdown of her best/worst/cheapest/priciest purchases for all of 2014 at What I Wore 2Day–the way she keeps track of what she buys is something I’d like to do myself this year.

Man, Kiah and her daughter KILLED IT with their outfits at Fashion X Dallas back in November. That hat! That necklace!


2 thoughts on “Loads of Links 1/9/15

  1. Hi! This is Maris from Naturalists Cabinet. Thanks for the shout out! If you or anybody who sees this is interested in purchasing something from my Etsy page, favorite my shop, and I’ll send you a code for 10% off your first purchase! Love your style!

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